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Clay pipe with a reclining Turk, painted after firing, Westerwald, second half of 19th century

Members of the Society meet at the end of April or beginning of May at a different venue every year. Anyone interested in clay pipes and/or the history of smoking may become a member of the Society and attend Society meetings. You are most welcome, whether you are a specialist, a clay-pipe collector, or an amateur, or just if you want to find out more about the activities of the Society. The fact that the Society is open to everyone - with no society rules or subscription - allows anyone to attend the meetings with no obligations.
The main part of the two- to three-day meetings is devoted to papers and research reports. The papers deal with archaeological finds of clay pipes and the history of clay-pipe production in individual places and areas; other papers deal with tobacco growing, tobacco taking and the tobacco trade, and provide the necessary background. A very important aspect of each meeting is the development of personal contacts between members, as well as the examination and discussion of clay-pipe finds, particularly those that present problems of identification, dating or provenance. A visit to a tobacco or pipe museum is normally made during each meeting. These meetings, which enable specialists and amateurs from Germany and the neighbouring countries, as well as visitors, to meet in an informal atmosphere, have proved to be most fruitful, from the points of view both of generating new ideas and renewing old contacts or making new ones.

Reports of the Society's meetings




Reports of the Society's meetings

A detailed report is written on each of the Society's meetings, and all those who attend receive a copy. The report is also published in the next volume of

KnasterKOPF - Fachzeitschrift für Tonpfeifen und historischen Tabakgenuss,

as well as in a number of archaeological journals, currently in the

newsletter der Society for Clay Pipe Research, the

Archäologischen Nachrichtenblatt, the

Archäologische Informationen, the

Zeitschrift für Archäologie des Mittelalters and in the

Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Archäologie des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit.
pfeifentragende Putte

The reports of the Society Meetings

held so far can be found in the following publications:

25th Meeting in Raeren (Belgien, 2013) (only in German)

24th Meeting in Stralsund (2011) (only in German)

23d Meeting in Augsburg (2009) (only in German)

22nd Meeting in Forst/L. (2008) (only in German)

21st Meeting in Gouda (2007)

20th Meeting in Ruhla (2006) / Photos (only in German)

19th Meeting, in Ingolstadt (2005)

18th Meeting, in Lüneburg (2004)

17th Meeting, in Heidelberg (2003)

16th Meeting, in Grimma, Saxony (2002)

15th Meeting, in Grefrath (2001)

14th Meeting, Liestal, Switzerland (2000)

13th Meeting, Einbeck (1999):
      KnasterKOPF - Mitteilungen für Freunde irdener Pfeifen. 2000, No. 13, pp. 2-7;

12th Meeting, Passau (1998):
      KnasterKOPF - Mitteilungen für Freunde irdener Pfeifen. 1999, No. 12, pp. 1-4,;

11th Meeting, Nordhausen (1997):
      KnasterKOPF - Mitteilungen für Freunde irdener Pfeifen. 1998, No. 11, pp. 1-4,.

10th Meeting, Hamburg (1996):
      KnasterKOPF - Mitteilungen für Freunde irdener Pfeifen. 1997, No. 9, pp. 1-4,;

9th Meeting, Konstanz (1995):
    KnasterKOPF - Mitteilungen für Freunde irdener Pfeifen. 1996, No. 8, pp. 87-90,;

8th Meeting, Mannheim (1994):
    KnasterKOPF - Mitteilungen für Freunde irdener Pfeifen. 1995, No. 7, pp. 65-69.

7th Meeting, Gifhorn (1993):
    Society for Clay Pipe Research, 1993, Newsletter 39, pp. 24 ff.

6th Meeting, Schwedt (1992):
    Society for Clay Pipe Research. 1992, Newsletter 35, pp. 27 ff.

5th Meeting, Frechen (1991):
    Society for Clay Pipe Research, 1991, Newsletter 31, pp. 12 ff.

4th Meeting, Höhr-Grenzhausen (1990):
    Society for Clay Pipe Research, 1990, Newsletter 28, pp. 27 ff.

3rd Meeting, Uslar (1989) - no report published.

2nd Meeting, Uelzen (1989):
    KnasterKOPF - Mitteilungen für Freunde irdener Pfeifen, 1989, No. 1, p. 2.

1st Meeting, Soltau (1988):
    Die Keramik vom Niederrhein und ihr internationales Umfeld.
    Internationales Keramik-Symposium in Düsseldorf 1988.
    Hrsg. vom Hetjens-Museum Deutsches Keramikmuseum (= Beiträge zur Keramik, Heft 3).
    Düsseldorf 1989, pp.105 ff.

Nachhaltig beeindruckend: die Tabakhistorische Sammlung Reemtsma, u.a. mit einer lebensgroßen Werbefigur für Tabakgeschäfte

Very impressive: the historical tobacco collection of Reemtsma, with, among other things, a life-size advertising statue

Nicht nur Tonpfeifen sind interessant: Besuch eines Zigarilloherstellers während der Tagung 1998 in Passau

Not only clay pipes are interesting: visit to a cigarillo maker during the 1998 session in Passau


Display of available clay-pipe designs at the firm of W. Klauer's Sons in Ransbach-Baumbach (around 1900), visited on an excursion during the Society's meeting in Höhr-Grenzhausen, 1990





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