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The Index Volume for KnasterKOPF

In November 2001 we issued a new publication "The Index Volume for KnasterKOPF - Fachzeitschrift für Tonpfeifen und historischen Tabakgenuss" (the Journal of Clay-Pipe Research and History of Tobacco) Vols. 1 (1989) to 10 (1997), the Organ of the "German Society for Clay-Pipe Research".
It has been the Editor's wish for several years to produce a comprehensive index volume, which should be much welcomed by our readers.
The Index Volume covers the following volumes of KnasterKOPF:
Vol. 1/1989
Vols. 2 & 3/1990
Vols. 4 & 5/1991
Vol. 6/1992
Vol. 7/1995
Vol. 8/1996
Vols. 9 & 10/1997.

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The Index Volume is the result of evaluation not only of all the individual papers in KnasterKOPF but also the other sections, i.e. the notices, book reviews, recent literature, footnotes, figure captions and the clay-pipe inventories of the authors. Readers will quickly realise that the Index Volume contains several general and specialised indexes, which will provide invaluable extra help to those searching for information on clay pipes. They provide the researcher with assistance that is not normally available.
Conventional Author and Subject Indexes cover all the papers and short notes that have appeared in KnasterKOPF; the Books Reviewed are listed by author. These are followed by the Index of Names (including organisations), for which the person's occupation and/or context in which he or she is mentioned is given. The first specialised index is the Index of Clay-Pipe Makers, who are listed together with where they lived and/or where they worked.
The Index of Place Names includes rivers and other topographic and geographical names. A similar index lists places where clay pipes were produced and another lists places where pipe-clay figures were produced, and two complementary indexes list the places where clay pipes and/or pipe-clay figures have been found. A third index of this kind lists all clay-pipe finds by provenance. Thus these three indexes not only list towns or villages where clay pipes were manufactured and those where clay pipes were found, but also supply information on where pipes made in a certain town have been found and, just as important, where in KnasterKOPF these particular pipes are described and figured.
The Index of Marks on Clay Pipes distinguishes marks portraying letters, figures and objects. The Index of Inscriptions on Clay Pipes is divided into two sections: pipe-stem inscriptions and pipe-bowl inscriptions. There is also an Index of Pipe-Bowl Decorations. It is unfortunately not yet possible to produce an index of pipe-stem decorations since this requires that a systematic classification of stem decorations exists.
The most comprehensive index is naturally the Subject Index, which covers KnasterKOPF Volumes 1-10.

The Index Volume (DIN A4 format) contains 72 pages and can be obtained direct from the publishers. It costs 1,00 Euro plus postage and packing. Please contact
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